From premium Rehearsal Suites, Backline Rooms, and Event Space, to Affiliate Workspace, Music Education, Performance Training, and Gear Rental... we've got you covered.  

Your best kept secret weapon,



SoundLab feels comfortable on the very first visit... because its been designed around you


Designed by musicians for musicians, SoundLab Music Studios is the epicenter for music in North Atlanta – offering a convenient and affordable place for musicians to come together to collaborate, network and practice. Artists will be inspired by our premium rehearsal facility featuring a safe, clean and friendly environment and unrestricted practice parameters. If you’re looking for more than a rehearsal space – connections for gigs, a photography studio, an extra band mate - we have what you need to get plugged in.

It starts on the outside with our well maintained Campus-like setting, and ample off-street parking, which is of course well lit and video monitored.  Everyone can feel comfortable coming and going 24/7, either by yourself or with your band mates.

When you enter the facility via key code access, you will sense that the place is designed around YOU, with everything right where you want it.  Some key amenities:

  • 24/7 Electronic Code Access
  • 20 Rehearsal Rooms
  • Full Climate Control
  • Soundproofing
  • Individually Keyed Suite Doors
  • Drive-In Truck Door
  • Push Carts & Dollys
  • Gear Storage Space
  • 10ft Ceilings
  • Ample Electrical Outlets
  • Clean Restrooms
  • Well-Lit Corridors
  • Musicians' Lounge
  • Video Surveillance
  • Well-Lit, Ample Parking
  • Free, High-Speed WiFi

SoundLab's Campus just North of Atlanta

We've Got You Covered...


Everything you need in one clean, comfortable, and creative location.  What to know more?  Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we will respond right away.  Its hard to fully convey our capabilities in just a few words, but here's the tip of the iceberg....



Rehearsal Suites

Sure beats the basement

20 Individual Rehearsal Suites – climate-controlled, smoke-free in a range of sizes from 9’x15’ to 15’x24’ with 10 foot ceilings, ample electrical outlets, soundproofing, free Wi-Fi and individually keyed suite doors to safeguard your gear.

Affordable, Flexible Rental Options – hourly and daily rentals, monthly lock-outs and a Bandshare program that lets you share your suite with compatible bands and allows you to customize your rehearsal solution to fit your needs.

Musicians Lounge Area – a place to kick-back, relax and refuel; connect and collaborate with other musicians; or start an impromptu jam.

Event Space.png

Showcase and Backline Rooms

Flexible rental options

Backline Room - The 15x 16 Backline room includes a 12 channel pa with media jack, three  vocal mics, two DI boxes, Gretsch Catalina drum kit with Zildjian cymbals, SWR 350 bass amp with 4x10 cabinet, Marshall JCM 2000, and Fender Deville. This room is available by the hour (2 hour minimum) or the day.

Showcase Room - The 30x30 Showcase Room with all the bells and whistles including professional acoustical treatments, a full pa and backline, and drum riser. Rehearse in actual stage configuration while getting ready to tour, shooting a video, or performing a showcase concert for a small group.

It includes a 16 channel pa with media jack, three monitor mixes, five vocal mics, five DI boxes, Pearl Session drum kit with Sabian cymbals, Ampeg SVT-VR bass amp with 6x10 cabinet, Marshall JCM-900 and Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier. The gear can be struck as needed to make a great space for film or video shoots. This room is available by the day or week.


Lessons for Every Age and Stage

Practice Where the Pros Play

One of the most wonderful aspects of this facility and our community of musicians, recording artists, industry professionals, and affiliates, is that we get to work together.  

We have seasoned touring vets, young producers, garage bands, solo acts, stylists, and a number of different professionals and affiliates that teach lessons in everything from mastering a particular instrument, to learning to play as a band or perform in a group, to how to promote and market a full-production live-show.

If you're serious about music, and you want to learn, you're in the right place.  Reach out to us to inquire about upcoming seminars and which classes are currently being offered. 

Workspace for Affiliates

Set Up Shop in our vibrant community 

We want you to come work and play alongside the roster of rotating talent here at SoundLab.

Boring people need not apply.  You must be comfortable being surrounded by music and a constant buzz of activity.  If your organization thrives on momentum and energy, we would love to have you.  Our facilities are top notch and we expect the same caliber affiliates.  

What We Have to Offer

  • A full music rehearsal and production suite encompassing 11,000 sq. ft. plus an additional 4,000 sq. ft. professional suite.
  • 10 ft ceilings with transoms over each door, huge light filled windows, and high grade finishes throughout.
  • An attractive foyer, conference room, and kitchen area that will be shared by all professional suite residents.
  • In addition to offering a month-to-month lease structure for exclusive use offices, SoundLab will also allow and help facilitate office sharing to help match the space solution to your individual needs.


Event Space & Production Services

We Can Handle Your Needs

Let us host a one-of-a-kind event at SoundLab, whether its for 20 or 100 people.  The 30x40 Event Room has a minimum ceiling height of 15' and has direct load in access via a full size truck door.

This room includes a 32 channel Behringer x32 mixer with media jack, four monitor mixes, EV powered monitors, mains, and subs, five vocal mics, and full mic and DI inputs for all instrumentation in the room. Backline gear is included, and can be chosen as desired from the full SoundLab inventory. This versatile room is a great space for pro rehearsals or tech days, film or video shoots, or events of up to 100 people. This room is available by the day or week.

We're also a great virtual venue for Stage It and Livestream type broadcasts, with tons of bandwidth and a talented in-house production team.  Want to reach out to your fans between tours?  We can handle it! 

Signed Guitar.png

Performance Training Sessions

Learn to Play AND Perform

SoundLab is the perfect place for students to cut their teeth as performers.  In addition to musical training spanning a variety of instruments, disciplines, and genres, Performance Training Sessions last 8 weeks and end with a live performance.

Solo Performance Training
Weekly individual training as a musician AND performer will accelerate your development, whether you plan on being a solo act or performing in a group.

Band Performance Training
Learn to play music together AND perform as a group.  Bandmates will develop healthy group dynamics and performance skills weekly.

Solo & Band Combo Training
This is our fast track program.  Weekly Solo Performance Training as well as weekly Band Performance Training allows a student to develop parallel skill sets with crossover value.

IMG_2716 1.JPG

Rental Gear

Pro Gear for your show

So you enjoyed using our pro-grade gear for your recent show rehearsal?  Wouldn't it be nice to use the same back line at the gig?  Go ahead - all our back line, pa systems, staging, and lighting gear can be rented for off site use as well.  Do you need an arena sized solution?  We can "go big" with our great affiliates to handle just about anything you need.


Workspace Community

Affiliates across related inustries

Seasoned businesses and brand new organizations call SoundLab home.  We bring together creative drive and the professionals who know how to harness that talent.

Case Study:  Classic Talent Agency is a boutique agency located in the North Metro Atlanta area. They bring expert knowledge of the industry from Los Angeles to Atlanta. They offer Classic LA style representation in the Southeast while staying under SAG guidelines.  They are focused on providing the best opportunities for each of their Talent