Our Philosophy

For musicians, playing is a basic need.  So we've designed SoundLab around your needs and passion.  We're always open, so you can play whenever you want.  We keep it warm, safe, clean, and comfortable so you can be at your creative best.  We have everything you need in one convenient location to make it easier to get things done, and a great team in place to help guide your efforts. 


This is SoundLab


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Backstage with Bob Stewart

Founder and creator of SoundLab, Bob Stewart stepped into the local rock music scene in Tucson, Arizona at 17 years old and never looked back.

He moved to Los Angeles to go pro and had success touring and playing various venues in Southern California.  Much of this time was spent performing with ex-Raspberry, Scott McCarl, where Bob learned both performance and songwriting skills from a true industry veteran.  Bob then transitioned to the corporate world, and quickly rose through the ranks to the Senior Executive level before leaving to pursue his SoundLab vision.

Bob brings a unique perspective to SoundLab.  Having one foot in the corporate world and one in the music world has given him the perspective and insights needed to launch and manage successful music careers.  Keen business skills, all the right contacts and connections and an eye for talent come together under one roof.  See where your music can take you.

Map & Driving Directions from Atlanta


GA400 North → McFarland Road West → Atlanta Hwy North → Right on Grasslands Parkway → Right on Brandon Trail → Building is on right (2190)

Located just north of Atlanta - exit 12B off hwy 400, SoundLab's 15,000 sq ft. Facility is safe, comfortable, creative, and secure.  It's one of a kind.  



(470) 333-9915



2190 Brandon Trail
Alpharetta, GA 30004



Open 24/7

We're Assembling a "Dream Team" for Musicians

A great music facility is only a place.  What brings it to life are the people that make it their home, and their shared passion for creating musical magic every day.  We've got all the basics covered, including some services you may not have even thought about yet.  Drop by or give us a call - let's discuss possibilities.

Our Staff

A diverse and talented team is here to guide you through both the magical and mundane aspects of musical success, and do it well.  Come in and meet us soon.  Lets talk about your musical aspirations!

Our Affiliates

We're always looking for talented individuals and organizations that can add value to our community of creatives... and we're biased toward those in the music industry.  Got a good idea?  Hit us up - lets talk about possibilities. 

Our Artists

We have the entire spectrum of artists in our facility, from folks just starting out, to actual touring pros.  It's an amazing place to network, trade licks, and maybe find that person you've been looking for.  SoundLab is much more than a music studio - it's a music community.