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Introducing RockNation
Music Education from SoundLab

SoundLab's own Bob Stewart has brought in Bobi Wildfire a highly experienced Child Educator and Music Director —to expand the music education and performance training programs offered at SoundLab.

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Music Classes & Lessons

The first lesson or class is on us!   We think you will see the value in the individual music lessons and group music classes we're now offering.  Please inquire about discounts for booking multiple classes or lessons.  

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Music Classes

Group Instruction

Teaching Plans

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Music Lessons

Individual Instruction

Teaching Plans


Performance Training Sessions

SoundLab is the perfect place for students to cut their teeth as performers.  In addition to musical training spanning a variety of instruments, disciplines, and genres, Performance Training Sessions last 8 weeks and end with a live performance.

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Performance Training

Individual Instruction


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Solo & Band
Combo Training

Individual & Group Instruction


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Performance Training

Group Instruction



Program Details

From length and frequency of classes and sessions to age-range and scheduling availability

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Music Classes

Learn to play a new instrument or sharpen your skills in a group setting.  Classes are taught here at SoundLab by top-caliber musicians with teaching experience. 

Class Length:  45 minutes
Teaching Timeframes:  From 10am t0 9pm Monday -Friday and 10am-5pm Saturday

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Music Lessons

Get a dedicated instructor here at SoundLab who will tailor the lessons to your needs.  Learn the ropes as a musician before tackling performance training.

Lesson Length:  45 minutes
Teaching Timeframes:  From 10am t0 9pm Monday-Friday and from 10am-5pm Saturday

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Solo Performance Training

Weekly individual training as a musician AND performer, ending with a live show in week 8, will accelerate your development, whether as a solo act or performing in a group.  

Session Length:  45 minutes weekly for 8 weeks
Teaching Timeframes:  From 10am to 9pm Monday-Friday and from 10am-5pm Saturday


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Band Performance Training

Learn to play music together AND perform as a group.  Bandmates will develop healthy group dynamics and performance skills weekly, ending with a live show in week 8.

Session Length:  2 hours weekly for 8 weeks
Teaching Timeframes:  From 10am to 9pm Monday-Friday and from 10am-5pm Saturday

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Solo & Band Combo Training

This is our fast track program.  Weekly Solo Performance Training as well as weekly Band Performance Training allows a student to develop parallel skill sets with crossover value.

Session Length:  2 hours weekly as a band & 45 minutes weekly solo for 8 weeks
Teaching Timeframes:  From 10am to 9pm Monday-Friday and from 10am-5pm Sat

Meet the Team

Bob + Bobi is truly a dynamic duo.  Each avid musicians, Bob's background as a senior executive pairs nicely with Bobi's experience as a multi-instrumentalist Music Director, recently at one of the preeminent music programs in the country.  They're joined by Tracy, another musical multi-discipline powerhouse and world-traveled singer songwriter, and Dreek, an active professional drummer and sound engineer making waves throughout the southeastern United States.

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Bob Stewart

Founder and creator of SoundLab, Bob Stewart stepped into the local rock music scene in Tucson, Arizona at 17 years old and never looked back.

He moved to Los Angeles to go pro and had success touring and playing various venues in Southern California.  Much of this time was spent performing with ex-Raspberry, Scott McCarl, where Bob learned both performance and songwriting skills from a true industry veteran.  Bob then transitioned to the corporate world, and quickly rose through the ranks to the senior executive level before leaving to pursue his SoundLab vision.

Bob brings a unique perspective to SoundLab.  Having one foot in the corporate world and one in the music world has given him the perspective and insights needed to launch and manage successful music careers.  Keen business skills, all the right contacts and connections, and an eye for talent come together under one roof.  

"See where your music can take you."

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Bobi Wildfire

After playing trumpet in high school, Bobi Wildfire began playing guitarwhile while serving in the United States Marine Corps in Okinawa Japan at the age of 17.  

He played in the Marine Corps Jazz Rock Fusion Band as Rhythm and Lead Guitarist; and after successfully completing his enlistment, Bobi enrolled in Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music at University of Memphis to study jazz.

Bobi plays all styles of music on multiple instruments including lead/rhythm guitar, bass guitar, piano, and drums.  He moved to Charlotte North Carolina where he was the Music Director at The School of Rock for over 5 years.  During this period, he directed over 25 shows as varied as “BeatlesMania,” “Foo Fighters,” and “Guitar Gods.”  He also has extensive experience teaching private and group lessons on guitar, bass, piano, and drums as well as music theory and stage performance.  He has always been good at building confidence and stage presence in young musicians and adults alike.

Bobi enjoys playing Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Alternative, R & B, Hip Hop, Reggae, gospel, and country music among many other styles like funk and fusion.  He believes that the ultimate goal in music is to be creative and free!

"One must seek knowledge to acquire freedom."  


Tracy HealingMoon

Her roots run deep, not in soil but in soul. Tracy attended North Atlanta School of Performing Arts, where she traveled throughout France, Germany, Belgium, The Caribbean, and The Continental United States with The International Touring Company. She also studied voice and piano for 4 years under Billy Densmore and Victor Floyd.

While getting her B.S. in Elementary Education with a minor in Music Theater, Tracy was a member of The Collegiate Chorale and The Jazz Band at The University Of Tampa. She studied music engineering and production, and starred in several University produced musicals.

After graduating, she was chosen as a finalist to compete in UniverseTalent, a worldwide singing/songwriting competition held in Prague, and won 1st place in every major category, including best song and best singer.  Tracy then formed a production team with one of London’s top producer’s, Tony Briscoe, and placed several songs before forming a band, signing up with a booking agency and performing across England.

Once back on U.S. soil, Tracy interned with SESAC for a year before traveling and performing throughout Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt), with The East Coast Agency. In addition to learning different languages, recording and performing with the locals and their native instruments, Tracy co-produced, wrote, arranged, performed and released her debut album, Tracy’s Tiers. She also took on the administrative aspects of her project including copyright claims, drafting contracts, attaining internet and radio play and interviews, securing bookings, and digital/physical distribution.

In her career, Tracy has had the pleasure to open up for and/or work with such artist as R. Kelly, Nappy Roots, Collective Soul, Rihanna, Ken Ford, Algebra, Helen and Estelle.  In 2017, Tracy toured overseas with ‘The Divas of Motown’, performing classics for 60 days to fans from Spain, to Norway, US and England.

As a vocal coach, she has worked with children from 2 to 17 years old.  As an artist, she's a versatile songwriter, crossing country, rock, jazz, folk and pop with soul.  As a performer, she was recently awarded runner-up in Open Mic Atlanta, where she competed completely A Capella against over 120 bands.

Tracy is now working on her second studio album/EP, creating a treatment for her new music video, and learning the bass guitar.


Rodrekus J. Moss aka Dreek Vegas

Rodrekus J. Moss was born in 1994 in Meridian, Mississippi, and moved to Atlanta, Georgia in the year 2000.  Dreek Vegas, as he is often called, is a professional drummer who first showed interest in music at the age of 3.  

Soon afterward, Dreek could be found playing the bass guitar, piano, and drums—always striving to learn more.  Today, music is his love and focus, but drums is his passion.  Dreek has been the hired-gun drummer for many artists in Atlanta, and throughout the south, playing styles from Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Pop, R&B, and gospel.  

Along with teaching music and instructing students of all ages, Dreek is currently a full-time musician and freelance engineer interning at Grammyhouse Studios in Atlanta, GA under Grammy award winning producer Bangladesh.

“It’s never too early or too late to learn a new drum pattern. Every song has a pulse!”

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Joel Steven

Joel has been described as a renaissance man. Recording artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer, filmmaker, and visual artist, Joel’s long history and experience in the entertainment industry affords SoundLab a host of educational possibilities.

Musically, Mr. Steven has written, recorded and released four studio albums of original music and was the founder of the instrumental rock duos What Man Was and War Lily, with three additional albums released under those monikers.  He has published original music on MTV’s Real Word, Road Rules, Made, and  Extreme Challenge as well as several indie films including  Boost, La Femm Americana, Red White and You, and Insomnia via Century 21.

After several years as a music producer in Santa Cruz, Steven moved to LA to explore television and film. In 2005, He became a technical producer and assistant editor at Laser Pacific in Hollywood, working on TV shows such as Mad Men, Medium, and One Tree Hill, and feature films such as Collateral (Tom Cruise), Red Dawn (Chris Hemsworth), Public Enemies (Johnny Depp), and Stranger Than Fiction (Will Farrell). 

In 2013, Joel moved to Atlanta and opened a video studio in Soundlab called Octagon Studios of Atlanta, where he began producing music videos for local artists.  There at Soundlab, he met four time Emmy award-winning film colorist Ron Anderson and they began working together.  Anderson trained him on the art of cinematic color grading, and Steven is now one of only a few colorists in the Atlanta area doing editing and final color on TV shows such as Ricky Smiley For Real and television commercials such as HGTV’s The Property Brothers, as well as commercials for PBS and Coke.  

As part of RockNation, Joel Steven will be offering classes on Audio Engineering, Videography and Filmmaking, Music Publishing, and share his knowledge of how to navigate the complex world of the entertainment business.

Sarah "Snare-Uh" Wilson


Sarah "Snare-Uh" Wilson is a drummer from Atlanta, Ga who mixes various musical styles, such as rock, progressive, psychedelic, and jazz, into a melding pot of original, powerful drumming. She has been playing drums for 20 years and loves to perform and travel.  Currently, she tours extensively with her band, CHEW who have toured in The U.K, Europe, as well as throughout the United States and Canada. She has done solo performances at festivals, as well as several drum clinics, and also teaches drums in the Atlanta area when not on the road.


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